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Zinkia Extends Pocoyo App Downloads

Entertainment brand specialists Zinkia Entertainment is extending its range of ‘Pocoyo’ application downloads, to ensure that children, caregivers and adults can engage with Pocoyo content from a wide range of mobile devices, at any time and any place.

Press Release from Zinkia Entertainment

Madrid, 24 — Entertainment brand specialists Zinkia Entertainment is extending its range of ‘Pocoyo’ application downloads, to ensure that children, caregivers and adults can engage with Pocoyo content from a wide range of mobile devices, at any time and any place. The strategy, which underscores Zinkia’s commitment to creating quality, multi-platform content, is paying dividends, with Pocoyo app downloads hitting Number One slots in a number of territories.

Zinkia’s first app, ‘Pocoyo TV’, initially offered on Nokia’s Ovi and Android systems, is now also available as a global download from the Apple Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app, which allows viewers to watch and revisit any of the 52 episodes from the first award-winning series, is proving popular and building traction. Currently available in English and Spanish, Zinkia is developing other foreign language versions of ‘Pocoyo TV’ which will be released shortly.

In addition, ‘Coloring with Pocoyo and Friends’, launched in December 2010 on the iPad, can now be downloaded globally from the Apple Store, on iPhone® iPad or iPod Touch®. This user-friendly application allows children to experiment with creativity, as they color in their favorite Pocoyo characters without spilling pots of paint. By downloading this app, users also secure limited access to the Premium Club at Pocoyo’s virtual world destination,

Zinkia’s CEO, Fernando de Miguel, commented, ‘In today’s crowded market, brand visibility and product accessibility is key. Zinkia has always been committed to creating quality content for a multi-platform market and we are delighted that our multi-lingual Pocoyo apps are now available as global downloads on multiple mobile devices. We also recognise the importance of providing fresh new content and are currently developing a slate of entertaining, new Pocoyo apps which will be unveiled soon.’

Finally, Zinkia’s successful ‘Pocoyize’ creation,, which allows users to create personalized Pocoyo-style avatars of themselves, their friends or celebrities, is available as a download on iPhone iPad or iPod Touch. Completed creations can be used as profile pictures, sent to friends, or posted on social networking sites such as Facebook. Since ‘Pocoyize’ first launched in December 2009, it has notched up over 10 million users and is now the second most downloaded app from the Apple Store gallery (Spain) and the Number One app in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Since Pocoyo first aired on the small screen in 2005, the property has evolved into a multi-platform global brand, attracting a host of prestigious accolades including BAFTA, Pulcinella and Annecy awards. The series has been licensed to over 100 countries worldwide, with over 150 licensees on board, over 2000 licensing references in the market, over 4.5 million visitors to the virtual world, over 350 million hits on YouTube and 25 million downloads from the official Pocoyo website.

About Zinkiawww.zinkia.comZinkia Entertainment, which specializes in the creation and management of entertainment brands for the international market, is primarily involved in the animation business, creating quality content for the audiovisual market as well as interactive content for multi-player console and online games. Founded in 2001, Zinkia is headquartered in Madrid, with commercial offices in Beijing, China and Mexico City.  Zinkia’s TV series and associated merchandising and licensing products are distributed to over 100 countries worldwide. TV credits include the multi-award winning series Pocoyo and the successful series Shuriken School. Pocoyo is one of Spain’s most successful TV animation exports and has been awarded a host of accolades including Best Animation Series at BAFTA and Annecy. In addition to TV projects, Zinkia creates, develops and produces video console games, most notably Playchapas for PSP and Hello, Pocoyó! for Nintendo DS. Zinkia also created and launched the virtual universe destination, targeted at young children.

About Pocoyowww.pocoyo.comThe TV series Pocoyo (104 x 7 minutes), co-produced by Zinkia Entertainment and ITV Studios Global Entertainment, is produced using 3D Softimage XSi technology and rendered with Arnold. The property is now a multi-platform global brand, licensed to over 100 countries worldwide, with extensive publishing, merchandising, licensing and home entertainment products. The multi-award winning series is about curiosity and imagination, tolerance and respect, love and laughter. Packed with colour, music and vibrant visual images, the series is both educational and entertaining; Pocoyo is about learning through laughter.

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