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Zim Invades Hot Topics

INVADER ZIM fans have been pining for new action figures, ever since the release of Palisades first wave earlier this year. And while the second wave of regular figures will be available next month, fans can head to Hot Topic stores for all-new figures right now.

The second exclusive wave of INVADER ZIM action figures began to show up at Hot Topic stores a few weeks ago, and sales have been swift. This second wave of exclusives features all five characters from Series 2 with newly sculpted heads and all-new accessories.

Hot Topic Series 2 includes:* Pustulio INVADER ZIM featuring Zims enormous zit from fan-favorite episode from Rise of the Zit Boy. * Sreaming GIR, with his robot head, popping out from his doggie disguise.* Freakout Gaz, with wide, angry eyes* Contemplative ALIMIGHTY TALLEST Red * Haywire Robo Parents from Parent Teacher Night.

All five exclusive figures are available in Hot Topic stores and online at, for $15.99. Supplies are limited.

Palisades Marketing Llc. (Palisades Toys) designs, manufactures and markets a variety of collectable toy products worldwide through sales to retailers and directly to consumers. Formed in 1994, Palisades products are sold throughout the world at various retail outlets including Toys "R" Us, KB Toys, Target, Electronics Boutique, Tower Records, Media Play, Sam Goody, Suncoast Video, and a variety of domestic and international comic shops and specialty retailer stores. Palisades Toys current product portfolio includes The Muppets, Alien, Predator, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Ren & Stimpy, Army of Darkness, Pink Panther and others. Further information is available at

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