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Ziff Davis Media Game Group Announces Pocket Games Research Study Results

According to a recent POCKET GAMES readership research study conducted by videogame magazine publisher Ziff Davis Media Game Group, portable gamers are shifting to an older and more diverse demographic segment than it has been historically. POCKET GAMES readers are now 20 years old on average, and 13% of the readership is female compared to 9% in 2003.

The recent popularity of the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP handheld gaming devices appears to be the major impetus for these shifts: the study shows that 42% of POCKET GAMES readers own a Nintendo DS and 13% plan to purchase one within the next 12 months. Furthermore, 27% of readers currently own a PSP and 57% are considering purchasing one within the next 12 months.

"Some of the new portable devices are designed to appeal to a much more mainstream and upscale audience than the traditional gamer crowd," said John Davison, vp/editorial director of Ziff Davis Media Game Group. "The PSP especially is geared towards more general consumer use, with its music and media playing capabilities, and the innovative DS continues to retain its strong franchise base."

The study shows cell phone gaming also on the rise, with 38% of mobile phone owners playing games on their phones.

Other findings include:* POCKET GAMES readers shop 16 times a month for gaming products.* 76% have recommended handheld games to friends. On average, they give recommendations to 8 other gamers.* 59% own a mobile phone.* 38% play games on a mobile phone.* 58% have purchased a game for their mobile phone.

The 2005 POCKET GAMES reader research study was conducted in April 2005 by Ziff Davis Media Game Group from a sample of newsstand readers who filled-out an online survey to qualify for a sweepstakes draw. Ziff Davis Media Game Group conducts several important readership and other videogame research studies each year including the industry's staple, Digital Gaming in America, which it debuts at its annual Electronic Gaming Summit in Sonoma, California in August.

Ziff Davis Media Game Group is the largest publisher of electronic game magazines in the U.S. Ziff Davis Media Game Group reaches 8 million core gamers per month, making Ziff Davis Media the largest publisher of video and PC game magazines in the U.S. Additional information is available at

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