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Zebra Development Gives Artists A New Way To Storyboard Projects

Zebra Development has released the first line of software aimed at changing the way storyboards are created. In development for two years, Storyboard Lite software will allow all levels of users to create storyboards with ease. Not only can traditional artists import, organize and modify their hand-drawn storyboards, but boards can also be created in three dimensions using a large expandable library of props and characters included with the software. The 3D capabilities of Storyboard Lite allow would-be directors to change a panel's camera view by moving a virtual camera around easily anywhere within the scene. No need to redraw a panel ever again! The software also allows users to import a screenplay, which it automatically breaks down into scenes, allowing users to storyboard knowing their boards and screenplay are always in sync. Storyboard Lite is available for Windows NT/2000/XP, Mac OSX, Linux/Linux PPC and Irix for a suggested retail price of US$500.00. Zebra Development is the brainchild of Paolo Costabel and Wayne Kennedy, two special effects professionals, who wanted a way to visualize their creative ideas quickly when storyboarding their own projects. The company's mission is to provide filmmakers with a set of professional tools to ease the moviemaking process. For more information, visit