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Yu + Co Creates Show Package For Sundance Channel

Hollywoods yU + co has designed and produced a graphics package for ANATOMY OF A SCENE, a new original series on the Sundance Channel. The package includes the shows main title sequence. ANATOMY OF A SCENE offers a fascinating view of the filmmaking process by going behind the scenes of a current film to show how a critical scene was made. Sundance Channel intended the main title to reflect this concept. yU + cos solution was to take a finished scene and deconstruct it. The 40-second piece consists of an artful rendering of the filmmaking process in reverse as a finished scene has elements stripped away until it is reduced to a screenplay page on a computer screen. yU + cos concept is very simple: take a finished scene and go backward in time, said Adam Pincus, Sundance Channels senior vice president of on-air promotion, original programming and new media and an executive producer of the show. It reveals the creative process the way the collaborators see it. It is a very elegant way to capture what this show is all about. The title music, composed by Walter Werzowa and Bernhard Locker of Musikvergnuegen, reflects the visual concept beginning as a rich and complex piece of orchestration and resolving into something quite spare. Adam Pincus and Liz Manne are the executive producers of ANATOMY OF A SCENE. Other show credits include John Bedolis, supervising producer and Rich Bye, producer. The Sundance Channel broadcasts feature films, shorts, documentaries, world cinema and animation, shown uncut and with no commercials.