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Your Storyboards Could Win $5k In Aniboom-History Competition

With the first stage of their People Speak Competition ending August 31st, Aniboom and The History Channel are still looking for the five best concepts for turning 30 seconds of special audio content into inspirational animations.

Right now, Aniboom and History are looking for top five "Rough Cuts"-early-stage works which can range anywhere from basic sketches, storyboards, animatics to partial or full animations. These Rough Cuts must be synched up to the audio provided exclusively at The top five Rough Cuts will be awarded $5,000 so that they may be further developed into final animations. Those final animations then go on to compete for a $25,000 development deal and national television exposure.

This competition is a great opportunity for animators to showcase their style and win cash prizes and a chance to show their work on television. During this first stage, all animators have to do is take 30 seconds of exclusive free audio and show Aniboom how they would animate it-sketches, drawings, and storyboards are all fully welcome.

With the first stage of this competition ending August 31st, now is the time for animators to grab the opportunity to win $5,000 and get on the road to their big break.

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