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York International Ready For Surge In New Media Licensing

York International's new emphasis on new media licensing positioned it uniquely to partner with the wide range of emerging Internet and satellite based entities registered for MIPTV. CEO Tanya York explained, "Our library is great for home video, but as the new technologies take over, we are now in a perfect position to assist our clients with Internet and new media based content needs."

Offering a wide slate of action, horror, thriller, urban and other genre titles, York International is aggressively seeking partnership with new and seasoned media companies looking for fair prices, and reliable customer service. As a registered I.F.T.A. member, York International was part of the I.F.T.A. booth in the Palais.

York International can make multi-genre, multi-rights library package deals for the worldwide market, as well as license its entire library to international clients for very cost effective results. York has customized territory based sales plans focusing on the newly emerging media markets in Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

York has also implemented a campaign to double its current acquisitions schedule worldwide from four new films per month to eight new films per month (estimating 100 new titles by year's end). "Compared with the MIPTV markets from the past, we are so excited about this year's MIPTV," exclaimed ceo/president Tanya York. "It looks like we are going to far exceed our sales goals this year."

Formed in 2002, Los Angeles-based York International ( has established itself as an active seller of feature films to the international home entertainment and television marketplace. York offers feature film rights licensing for the company's 200+ title international library to all worldwide territories outside the U.S. By establishing a strong emphasis on high-concept projects, an excellent production value and award-winning art campaign, York International is able to meet the strict demands of global customers in Asia, Europe and Latin America. York's sales team is present at all the international markets, including Cannes, MIPCOM, MIPTV, Berlin, NATPE, ATF and AFM.