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Yoopa Partners with ToonBox and Redrover

ToonBox Entertainment and Redrover's brand-new animated series, "The Beet Party" is planting its roots in Yoopa.

Press release from ToonBox:

ToonBox Entertainment and Redrover Co., Ltd.'s brand-new animated series, The Beet Party is planting its roots in Yoopa, a French Canadian broadcaster owned by Groupe TVA that targets the two to six-year-old market. Packaged to run as 104 x 2 minutes, The Beet Party is a musical-comedy and dialogue-free series about 5 of the coolest beets chilling in the fridge when something new and unexpected arrives. Curiosity piqued, they explore, experiment and then celebrate with some serious beat-boxing! The Beet Party will start airing this September.

"We are very happy with our partnership with ToonBox on The Beet Party series which is of very high quality, funny and dynamic. We are convinced of the success it will have on Yoopa!" stated Nancy Roy, Manager of Acquisitions at Groupe TVA.

Currently in development is an iPad game and website.  The iPad game will give kids the exciting opportunity to create their own Beet characters and unique beat-boxing sounds.  Users will have the option to download sounds from the TV show, incorporate them into their own mixes and share them with friends across the web.  The website will be based on the cool atmosphere of the refrigerator where users can chill with the Beets and play an assortment of games ranging from easy to expert levels.

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