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YELLOW SUBMARINE returns to video!

Long-withheld due to a legal snag, this fall MGM Home Entertainment will bereissuing YELLOW SUBMARINE. This release will restore YELLOW SUBMARINE toits original English release length, which is said to be three and a halfminutes longer than the US release, restoring the "Hey Bulldog" sequencethat was cut for reasons of length for the original Amercian theatricalrelease. MGM/UA's new transfer is said to be bright and colorful, without atrace of the film dirt and scratches that mar the earlier video release.Also, the Beatles songs have been re-mixed from the original masters, and anew film soundtrack mix has been done in Dolby Digital 5.1. The film isbeing released on VHS, laser disc, and DVD, but apparently only the DVDwill include extras. One of these extras is a contemporary making-ofdocumentary, THE BEATLES MOD ODYSSEY. The US release date for all formatsis September 14, 1999.