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Xsens & The Third Floor Help Previsualize Iron Man 2

Xsens Technologies, creator of the MVN full body motion capture system and The Third Floor, one of the world’s leading previs studios, used new technology to design sequences for Marvel’s “Iron Man 2”.

Press Release from The Third Floor

Enschede, The Netherlands and Los Angeles, CA, USA – May 7, 2010 - Xsens Technologies, creator of the MVN full body motion capture system and The Third Floor, one of the world’s leading previs studios, used new technology to design sequences for Marvel’s “Iron Man 2”.

Since December 2007, Xsens and The Third Floor have been expanding the field of previsualization by using motion capture technology to pre-plan some of Hollywood’s most elaborate feature films, including Marvel’s “Iron Man 2” and Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland”. By leveraging innovative digital technologies, such as Xsens’ MVN system, The Third Floor provides filmmakers with real-time, interactive characters and environments to revolutionize the way content is created. For “Iron Man 2”, The Third Floor team used MVN motion capture suits to deliver over 700 unique shots for the film. Filmmakers can now explore, plan, and communicate their creative vision in a new and more intuitive manner. These advanced previs techniques have helped many film studios reduce risk and save money, by enabling directors to hone in on the most effective creative choices and technical solutions in advance of the shoot.

“Through the previs process we are able to optimize entire films, to make them more creative, and to insure that more of each film’s budget ends up on screen,” said Chris Edwards, CEO of The Third Floor. “That’s where all the technology – all the hardware and software – comes into play.  Everything is in the service of preserving the director’s vision from pre-production through post.”

“We’ve been developing our motion capture systems to cater to the demands of production, by providing crisp, clean data instantly, without the crew having to think about ‘what’s under the hood’,” said Casper Peeters, CEO of Xsens. “This enables filmmakers to make creative decisions, unencumbered by technical restrictions and puts the creative controls back in the hands of every director. Virtual moviemaking doesn’t have to be about expensive technology, it’s about using affordable new technologies in creative and intelligent ways.”

Xsens demonstrates their latest products and solutions for previs and virtual production at SIGGRAPH 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. During a special Xsens Xperience, the company’s 10th anniversary will be celebrated.

About XsensXsens is a leading supplier of 3D motion tracking products based upon miniature MEMS inertial sensor technology. Since its inception in 2000, several thousands of motion sensors and motion capture solutions have successfully been deployed in areas such as 3D character animation, rehabilitation and sports science, and robot and camera stabilization. Customers include Electronic Arts, Sony Pictures Imageworks, INAIL Prosthesis Centre, Daimler, Saab Underwater Systems, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and many other companies and institutes throughout the world. Xsens is headquartered in Enschede, The Netherlands and has a subsidiary in Los Angeles, California.

About The Third FloorThe Third Floor is a Los Angeles-based digital studio founded by six of Lucasfilm's top previsualization artists. After designing elaborate sequences for George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, The Third Floor began offering the same state-of-the-art previs to clients around the world. Since 2004, the studio has delivered sequences for many feature films, game cinematics, and commercial projects. The Third Floor is dedicated to creating the highest quality cinematography in a fraction of the time. By leveraging the talents of its experienced crew, The Third Floor seeks to redefine what directors and producers expect from their previs team. The Third Floor’s clients in the film, gaming and commercial industries, include Dreamworks, Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century FOX, Paramount Pictures, Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment, Digital Domain, The Mill and many others.

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