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Xilam Inherits Kaena

French animation studio Xilam has taken over the film and video game rights for the original property KAENA, following the liquidation of Chaman Production by a French court. For nearly 4 years, Chaman Production has been working on the feature-length film and the accompanying video game, but the company was not able to secure a publishing partner and was forced into liquidation. Xilam will take over the CGI production on the film, which is scheduled for release at the end of 2002. With 12 million Euro (US $10.5 million) currently invested, Xilam anticipates it will take another 2.5 million Euro (US $2.1 million) to complete the picture. Xilam shares ownership of the property with co-producer Studio Canal and French distributor Bac Film. KAENA is a coming-of-age fantasy story about a young woman who has been chosen by the gods to save her dying world. The film stars the voice talent of Angelica Huston, Richard Harris and Kirsten Dunst. Xilam is already planning its next feature-length CG film, STUPID INVADERS, which is scheduled to begin production at the end of 2002.

Marie Beardmore sat down with Marc du Pontavice to learn about the many facets of Xilam.