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Xfrog Organic Software Leaps Beyond Plants

Greenworks Xfrog organic modeling system has been rewritten from scratch for the release of Xfrog 4. With the new version, all parameters in Xfrog 4 can be animated and combined with the objects in MAXON's CINEMA 4D, allowing artists to create trees or other plants, which grow and follow the sun as well as leaves and branches, which move in the wind. Additionally CINEMA 4D XPresso diagrams can be combined with Xfrog to create photoreal parameter-driven organic effects. XfrogPlants Libraries contain real samples of each species for true to life textures -- tree leaves and flower petals are scanned, and bark is photographed.

"With Xfrog components now integrated inside CINEMA 4D as C4D Objects, and thereby integrated into CINEMA 4D's robust modeling, animation, and high quality render pipeline, you can now form organic structures and animations of almost infinite complexity," said Xfrog product manager, Stewart McSherry.

"Xfrog 4 represents a milestone in the generation of organic objects," said Maxon product manager, Marco Tillmann, "The seamless integration into CINEMA 4D R8 offers countless combinations of tools, taking the user a far step beyond modeling trees and plants."

greenworks organic software was launched in 1996 by Bernd Lintermann and professor Oliver Deussen, with the goal to make their detailed research and development in the area of organic modeling publicly available as shareware for IRIX-based computers. For more information, visit or call +49 30 46 79 63 31.

MAXON Computer is the developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions. Its products have been used on such projects as STAR WARS: EPISODE II: THE ATTACK OF THE CLONES, SPIDER-MAN, THE MUMMY RETURNS, GLADIATOR, LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER, the new Columbia-TriStar film logo and the on-air packages for Comedy Central, Discovery Channel Canada, THE EMMYS on CBS, TiVO, NBC, DirecTV, CBS NFL, The WB and Fox Kids. MAXON has offices in Friedrichsdorf, Germany; Newbury Park, California, U.S.A.; Bedford, U.K.; and Tokyo, Japan. For more information visit

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