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Xbox Launch Date Delayed Again

Microsoft Corp. has delayed the launch of its Xbox video game system by one week and is now planning to have Xbox in North American stores on November 15, 2001. The system will retail for approximately US$299. Microsoft is refusing to say how many units it will ship on that date and will only confirm it will ship 1 million to 1.5 million Xbox consoles to North American retailers this holiday season. Microsoft executives have not explained the delay, saying only that it is not related to the attacks in Washington and New York, or the nations economy. By delaying the launch until the 15th, Microsoft has given itself just a few days lead on its less expensive rival Nintendos Game Cube, which launches domestically on November 18, 2001. Nintendo previously confirmed they will ship 700,000 units for their launch and that Game Cube will retail for approximately US$199. Xboxs other competitor, Sony Playstation2, priced at US$299 is already available.

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