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Xara 3D6 Available Via Download or by Retail

Launched Wednesday is a new version of Xara3D6. Xara has launched a stripped down version -- download-only -- just the program itself and associated resources, such as sample images, textures and fonts. Users can now buy this version for only US$29 (+ VAT in EU).

The boxed retail version remains but the price has been adjusted to US$49 (+ VAT in EU) slightly lower than it was before. Both operate on Windows XP/Vista.

Xara3D can be used to create top quality still and animated 3D text and graphics, such as titles, headings, buttons and logos -- perfect for web pages, mailshots and presentations. It’s extremely popular with Photoshop owners for creating 3D typographic effects for use in Photoshop.

For more information, including a demo movie, trial download and example graphics visit