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X2: X-Men United Explodes Onto DVD

X2: X-MEN UNITED (Fox Home Entertainment, $29.98) has arrived on DVD. The highly anticipated follow-up to X-MEN has director Bryan Singer and crew surer footed with both the comic book conventions and demanding vfx, supervised by Michael Fink, who recently wrote about the history of previs for VFXWORLD.

Extras on the two-disc set include commentary by Singer, 11 deleted scenes that flesh out the war between humans and mutants, a doc on the making of X2 and 11 featurettes, including "FX2 - Visual Effects" and "Introducing the Incredible Nightcrawler." Speaking of vfx, the work was divided among such houses as Rhythm & Hues, Pixel Magic, Frantic Films, CIS Hollywood, Cinesite Inc., EYETECH Optics, 4-Ward Prods., Hammerhead Prods., Kleiser-Walczak Digital Effects, Lidar Services Inc., Pacific Title, Tanguay Technologies, Visual Concept Engineering and Whodoo EFX Inc.