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X-Men And Hulk Are Unleashed

Release dates for two potential blockbuster summer features were announced this week, but youll have to wait until 2003 to see them. 20th Century Fox will unveil X2, the sequel to their $300 million hit X-MEN, on May 2, 2003. X2 will reunite the original cast of mutants and involve the same key creative team, including director Bryan Singer; producers Ralph Winter, Lauren Shuler Donner and Avi Arad; and screenwriter David Hayter. Not to be undone, Universal Pictures has announced that THE HULK (apparently he is not so incredible this time around) will tear its way into theaters on June 20, 2003. The film will be directed by Ang Lee, who will revisit the early incarnations of the character created in May 1962 by Stan Lee (exec. producer on the film) and Jack Kirby, thereby staying true to the subversive spirit of the early Marvel years. Eric Bana will play Bruce Banner and the Hulk, with visual effects help from ILM. X2 is scheduled to begin principal photography in May 2002 and production on THE HULK is scheduled to start on March 18, 2002.

Rick DeMott discusses the popularity of the X-MEN with Avi Arad, CEO of Marvel Studios, and X-MEN and HULK creator Stan Lee.