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X-Files Vet John Shiban Added Raimi Production

Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert have hired John Shiban (THE X-FILES, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE) to executive produce WIZARD'S FIRST RULE, per VARIETY.

Shiban is currently with the CW's SUPERNATURAL and will help turn Terry Goodkind's book series into a weekly TV series.

WIZARD takes place in a fantasy world of magic and wizards, and centers on a man called the Seeker, who is destined to save the world.

Shiban told VARIETY he will draw on his experience with THE X-FILES for the show's structure and sensibility.

"There's an overarching mythology to the series, but the job of Seeker allows [him] to fight evil in self-contained episodes," he said.

WIZARD is being sold station-by-station, and cleared 84 percent of the country in less than six weeks. It will be on the air in all top 50 U.S. markets, produced by Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

The advantage of syndication is that the show is guaranteed a spot for all 22 episodes, and "We don't have to worry about network issues and what our competition is," Shiban told VARIETY.

The show begins filming next month for a fall bow, with Joshua Donen and Ned Nalle to executive produce with Raimi, Tapert and Shiban.

Shiban worked on X-FILES for seven years, co-created spinoff LONE GUNMEN and worked on STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE and REVELATIONS.