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'Wonder Pets' Special Airs July 20

The Wonder Pets! special, “In the Land of Oz,” premieres July 20, only on Nick Jr.


Nick Jr. takes preschoolers on a magical musical adventure in the new half-hour The Wonder Pets! special, “In the Land Of Oz,” premiering Saturday, July 20, at 8:30 a.m. (ET/PT).  The animated tale features Brooke Shields as the witch, Jim Breuer as the scarecrow, Tim Curry as the tin man, and Kenan Thompson as the lion.

In the episode, The Wonder Pets get caught in a tornado and are blown to the magical Land of Oz!  Some friendly Munchkins tell them their only hope of getting home is to seek out the great Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City. The Emerald City is far away and to make matters worse, a strange witch (Shields) starts chasing the Wonder Pets!  On their exciting journey, they join up with a Straw Man (Breuer), a Tin Man (Curry), and a Lion (Thompson), who all have their own reasons for seeking the Wizard. 

Emmy award-winning The Wonder Pets!, from creator/executive producer Josh Selig of Little Airplane Productions, Inc., is TV’s first mini-operetta for preschoolers and the first preschool series to feature an extensive lineup of Tony award-winning and nominated Broadway composers.  The Wonder Pets! chronicles the adventures of three funny, singing classroom pets: Linny the Guinea Pig (Sofie Zamchick), Ming-Ming Duckling (Danica Lee) and Turtle Tuck (Teala Dunn), who travel the world and use teamwork to save animals in distress.  Like real preschoolers, The Wonder Pets! have no actual super powers, but they work together as a team to overcome adversity and achieve great success. 

Source: Nickelodeon

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