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Wire Breaks Loose Three Net Toons, an Internet entertainment destination, announced the debut of its first slate of interactive animated series. "We are thrilled to launch into the animated world with three digital shows that are consistent with our vision of Internet programming that is interactive as well as bold and outrageous," said David Wertheimer, chairman and chief executive officer of FRASIER co-executive producer Jon Sherman will produce the first show, THE SHAPE OF THINGS. The series follows Graham, Wex and Ira, who are drawn as simple squares. The toon centers on the various angles the four-cornered comrades will take to land the opposite shape -- curvaceous female circles. WireBreaks director of development Ray De Laurentis will oversee the other two series OFFICE MONKEY and JIVE TURKEY JONES. Previously, De Laurentis served as creative consultant for Disney's "One Saturday Morning" animation block, a writer for numerous animated projects with Fox Family Channel and scribed animated pilots for Disney and Hallmark/Calico Ltd. OFFICE MONKEY follows the life of the one-night stand spawn of an Internet billionaire and an attractive Sri Lankan Guava Chimp. Unfireable because he works at his daddys company, the entry-level chimp makes his fathers firm truly a monkey business. JIVE TURKEY JONES follows the exploits of the baddest blaxploitation anti-hero who happens to be a real turkey. Jive Turkey's adventures always end in an exciting interactive fight sequence in which viewers get the chance to help their hero "get Medieval" with his enemies, including Jive Turkey's new archenemies, Cartoon Shaft. De Laurentis said, "I am pleased to be working with a team that has a very specific vision of how an interactive program should work on the Internet. I look forward to the challenge of assimilating my animated programs and ideas into's progressive attitude."

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