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Los Angeles-based WinStar, which has recently released a number of publicdomain titles under the CARTOON CRAZYS heading, is releasing a "fullyrestored" version of the Fleischer Bros. 1939 feature, GULLIVER'S TRAVELS,on DVD and VHS on September 28, 1999 in the US. Transferred from a newlystruck print taken from an original negative, this version featuresenhanced audio remixed in Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround sound. Themusical score also has been remastered with additional scoring andinstrumentation. (It remains to be seen if this is a good thing.) Alsoincluded are two Gabby shorts, KING FOR A DAY (1940) and SWING CLEANING(1941). (Gabby is the town crier in GULLIVER'S TRAVELS.) The DVD alsoincludes a 1937 on-site Fleischer Studios report, rare photo stills, amagazine and picture gallery, a history of Fleischer Studios, and Spanishand French subtitles.