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Will Vinton Studios Plays With Midway Games Spots

Will Vinton Studios has finished two live-action/CGI spots highlighting Midway Games' NFL BLITZ 2000 and READY 2 RUMBLE BOXING ROUND 2. The humorous spots were directed by Mike Wellins, who in the past has directed spots for Almond Joy, Chili's, Kikkoman, Mirinda, Pringles and ABC. In "Good Clean Fight," highlighting READY 2 RUMBLE BOXING ROUND 2, a 3D animated afro style boxer warms up by punching a disco ball and by the end we know that he isn't going to give a good clean fight. In "Light the Barbecue," highlighting NFL BLITZ 2000, three live-action fans chant "Cowboys, Cowboys" at a tailgate party, but they quickly change their tune when a flaming 3D animated Redskin player comes and ignites their barbecue. Patrick Van Pelt served as technical director on "Light the Barbecue" with animators Scott Robedeau and Joel Brinkerhoff. READY 2 RUMBLE's spot's technical directors were Adrian Grey and Kate Nagy with Patrick Van Pelt, Shawn McInerny, Joel Brinkerhoff and Wendy Fuller serving as animators. Zilpha Yost served as executive producer on both spots with Angela Foster as producer.

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