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Will Vinton Paints Two New Chili's Spots

Will Vinton Studios has completed two spots for the current Chili's Restaurant campaign. The first 15-second CG spot, entitled "Cave Paintings," set in a pre-historic cave, features cave paintings that come to life. "We wanted it to look real, like someone had taken a stick and sketched the drawings. It couldn't look too clean," said director Kirk Kelley. "The spot is digital, but its inspiration is grounded in real handmade craft," said David Altschul, president of Will Vinton's advertising division. "What's really engaging about it is precisely the juxtaposition of technology and craft." The second spot is a 30-second stop-motion commercial entitled "Origami." The ad shows brightly colored squares of paper that fold and twirl into the Chili's logo. "Our talented animators can take something that is nothing like a human figure and give it spirited body language. The spot is very organic," said director Teresa Drilling.

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