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WildTangent Web Exporter To Be Bundled With 3ds Max

WildTangent has announced that their direct-to-Web exporter for 3ds max will be packaged along with the software. WildTangent's integrated solution gives artists the ability to pull animated scenes directly from 3ds max into a Web page. The encryption options allow artists to pinpoint where Web page assets can be viewed. If someone attempts to copy and paste an artist's page into a new source, they will receive a refuse to load response. "When you invest time modeling your work, integrating them easily and securely into the Web is key to an artist," said Phil Shenk, WildTangent producer and former lead artist on DIABLO II. "WildTangent's 3ds max exporter simplifies a complex and difficult step in the technology process and exports my 3ds max modeling and animations seamlessly." Phillip Miller, vice president of product management, Discreet, said, "Discreet is pleased to expand the web publishing options of 3D artists by including WildTangent's solution with 3ds max 4.2. The performance and abilities of the WildTangent Web Driver combine well with this highly integrated workflow to give 3ds max animators an environment for the rapid development of compelling Web games."

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