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Wildseed Studios Unveils New Animated Series

Announcing its ambition to become the home of British adult animation, Wildseed Studios unveils new shows on its YouTube channel.

Wildseed Studios has unveiled the first episodes of its new animated series on the company’s YouTube channel. The next-generation content and talent incubator, co-founded by Miles Bullough, former Head of Broadcast at Aardman Animations, and former BBC creative executive Jesse Cleverly, promises a constant flow of new content on its YouTube channel with new episodes released every week and a new project every month.

The first project to go live is an adult animation based on the comic strips of Ralph Kidson who has been drawing and contributing to underground comics as long as he can remember.

“It was Ralph’s writing and irreverent, dry social commentary as much as his comic-man-ship that stood out.” said Cleverly.

Wildseed Studios is making animations based on three of Ralph’s strips: Animal Job Centre, which features an unemployed squirrel trying to navigate the job market, God and Jesus where God explains his plans to Jesus for his latest miracle, and Battle at Serengeti where punchy and loutish animals launch into foul-mouthed tirades against each other at the slightest provocation.

Following Ralph Kidson’s cartoons will be pilots for new animated series for grown-ups from recent Wildseed signings The Spin Kick Brothers, Nicholas Bowe, Joel Veitch & David Shute and a comic book from cult comic artist and illustrator Jack Teagle.

“It is telling that there is no category for Adult Animation at the British Animation Awards this year,” said Bullough. “There is also a misconception in the British broadcasting community that British adult animation ‘doesn’t work.’ Wildseed Studios is here to demonstrate that there is a new generation of U.K. talent ready to discredit this idea!”

“With over 500 ideas submitted and 14 pilots already in the works, we look forward to 2014 in the certain knowledge that Wildseed Studios has only just begun the work of empowering the next generation of creators to make great work,” Cleverly said.

“Wildseed Studios is not interested in being perfect first-time; we are interested in empowering talent and engaging with communities of fans to better understand what works most,” Bullough said. “We believe that in the on-demand media age, the current diet of marketing-driven broadcasting will be replaced by extraordinary, original content, which is driven by word of mouth on social media networks. Wildseed Studios intends to be a pathfinder for this movement.”

Wildseed Studios is looking for creators to submit their original ideas in four genres: Genre Fiction (Sci-Fi/horror/fantasy), Animation for adults, Character Comedy and Kids 6-11. Creatives can submit their ideas at

Source: Wildseed Studios

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