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Wild Heart Ranch Inc., a content driven childrens toy and publishing company, continues to offer non-violent entertainment to all with its free, online ARMADILLO COWBOY CLUB arcade game. The game is based on an original story about three Armadillo Deputy heroes that capture criminal coyotes with slingshots, firing bees and fast flying lassos. The game takes you into desert scenes, an old fashioned street shoot out and a saloon fight.

Everything in Coyote Canyon is dusty, dirty and slow. Nothing looks new, just weathered with layers of dirt and dust. But none is dustier, dirtier or more mean looking than the local sheriff, Sam the Rattler. He has folks shivering at the sound of his tail as it rat-a-tat-tats all over town. No one really knows what is in the end of his tail. Some say it is a bank robber with a bag full of gold coins that was just too stubborn to be digested. But even Sam didnt know his tail was a lot more special than just having a rascally robber rattling around.

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Wild Heart Ranch Inc. is a publishing, entertainment and toy company that creates and licenses non-violent toys and products based on original ideas, stories and characters.

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