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Wildform Releases WildPresenter Pro 3.1

Wildform Inc. announced the release of WildPresenter Pro 3.1, a major update to its award-winning multimedia presentation software. The new update includes many of the features most requested by Wildform customers including:

* Full screen mode. WildPresenter output can now automatically scale to play at full screen size in both web browsers and in standalone projector files.

* FLV files appear on the timeline. WildPresenter is the only software available that will actually display FLV (Flash video) files on a timeline. As you click through the file in edit mode the software will automatically seek to the nearest keyframe for preview.

* Completely redesigned animation interface. Now customers can add, edit and reorder an unlimited number of incoming and outgoing animations for any object in their projects.

* Enhanced animation support for WildPresenter's industry leading PowerPoint to Flash converter. WildPresenter is the only software that allows users to edit their PowerPoint files -- including text, images, animations, transitions and links -- after they import them.

* A project defaults option. Customers can now set automatic default values for project dimensions, framerates, file naming, etc.

* A project cleanup function. Customers can now automatically delete any unused files from their export directories.

* New shortcuts menu. Customers now have instant access to all the key features in the program including PowerPoint to Flash conversion, screen recording and video/audio capture, video to Flash encoding, quiz creation, and text animation.

WildPresenter is easy-to-use and powerful software for producing Flash and video presentations, converting PowerPoint to Flash, creating E-learning materials, and generating demos, simulations and tutorials. It is available for Windows (2000/XP/Vista) for $399. Educational and group discounts are available.

Wildform also created a new blog located at This blog features customer examples, tutorials, news about Wildform products and services, as well as questions from Wildform customers and answers posted by knowledgeable members of the Wildform team.

Wildform is a developer of Flash and multimedia software. In addition to the new WildPresenter Pro 3, Wildform created the first Flash video encoding software, Flix, the popular text animator, Wild FX, and the Video Library. Wildform technology has also been licensed to companies such as Sony, Autodesk, Quark, Adobe and On2. For more information, visit

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