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Wild Earth Game Becomes Motion Simulator Attraction

Creators of the WILD EARTH videogame at San Diego-based Super X Studios are joining forces with the Entertainment Technology Corporation (EnTCo), of Philadelphia, to produce a motion simulator-based version of WILD EARTH for zoos, amusement parks and other location-based entertainment venues.

The all-ages experience sends two participants - a driver and a photographer - on a trek through the Serengeti in an exciting photo-safari. Unlike traditional motion simulator ride-films, the WILD EARTH experience is interactive, allowing each team to navigate its own adventure. The state-of-the-art Super X game engine enables riders to experience the rich, educationally stimulating environment and wildlife. EnTCo's X-Speed motion platform provides a matching visceral experience, with synchronized acceleration, bumps, tilts and turns for total immersion.

Super X Studios and EnTCo will preview the WILD EARTH ride in booth #841 at the IAAPA Orlando 2003 trade convention Nov. 19-22, 2003. WILD EARTH was named the 2003 Independent Games Festival Game of the Year. The PC retail version is under development and slated for an early 2004 worldwide release.

Founded in 1996, Super X Studios ( is an independent developer committed to producing state-of-the-art titles such as WILD EARTH, FAR GATE, DESKTOP DREAMSCAPES AND NVCHESS.

EnTCo ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Environmental Tectonics Corp., and provides unique attractions and exhibits to the theme park, amusement park, location based entertainment (LBE) and specialty venue industries (museums, aquariums, zoos).