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Wild Brain Produces "Fruitensity" For Jolly Rancher

Wild Brain has finished spots for Jolly Ranchers new gel snack product, "Fruitensity." The 15 and 30-second ads were directed by Wild Brains Julia Tortolani and conceptualized by ad agency Euro RSCG Tatham. "Fruitensity" features bold colors and a combination of live-action and photo-collage. Tortolanis collage art animation was created using a mix of still photography, full-motion film and a broad array of digital tools including Maya, Photoshop and After Effects. In one commercial, a live-action teen eats a gel snack, transforming him into a photo-collaged animated character that skateboards through watermelon landscapes. "'Fruitensity' is a perfect example of Julias ability to mix and match live-action, edgy collage-o-mation and luscious product work into an attractive whole," said Paul Golden, Wild Brains executive producer for commercials. "Once again, she has pushed out the limit on the kind of animation that can be done with Photoshop and After Effects." The Wild Brain team featured: director Tortolani; executive producer/commercials Paul Golden; executive producer Jeff Fino; collage illustration Edmund Guy; director of photography Don Smith; producer Liz Gazzano; CG supervisor Karen Ansel; senior technical director Jance Allen; technical choreography director John Edwards; technical modeling director Allan Gersten; assistant technical director Eric Schweikert; Mac graphics/paint artists Kevin Bell, Nathan Stephens and Kristen Borges; storyboard artist John Korellis; editor Alex Hauser; production manager Andre Araujo; AD/live-action Annie Spiegelman; assistant camera Rod Williams; and gaffer James Childers.

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