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Wild Brain Makes Hershey's Kisses Blush

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Wild Brain has created a new spot for Hershey's, which has the famous Kisses candies blushing. Directed by Carl Willat, the commercial features two silver wrapped Hershey's Kisses as one kisses the other, its wrapper turns red and their tags embrace. The spot was animated in Softimage and rendered in Mental Ray with compositing done in Henry. Wild Brain's staff consisted of executive producers Jeff Fino and Paul Golden; director Willat; producer Phillip Hellenbrand; CG supervisor Karen Ansel; senior technical director Nick Weigel; technical directors Allan Gersten, Bill Haller, Colin Miller and John Volny; Mac graphics/paint artist Grace Fontaine; Mac composite artist Dennis Wilkins; editor Alex Hauser; storyboard artist John Korellis; and production manager Chris Bohn. The spot was produced for ad agency Ogilvy/NY.

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