Whodoo EFX Switches to ‘Ultra Chan’ Spot

After completing the vfx for THE STEPFORD WIVES, Whodoo EFX took on a series of commercial projects, which began airing this fall, including the new "Ultra Chan" spot featuring international action star Jackie Chan via ad agency Campbell Mithun for Hefty. The new spot, which includes Chan taking on a force of ninjas utilizing Hefty Ultra-Flex bags to fight back, broke last week.

Whodoo EFX president/digital effects artist Helena Packer and exec producer Mark Ritcheson had no problem switching gears to the three commercial projects. In addition to the signature Hefty spot starring Chan, Whodoo EFX also contributed their talent to spots for Atari and Pfizer.

"These projects represent a significant stride forward in our commercial visual effects production," said Ritcheson. "We consider the relationship with all three clients to be important for us as a company. We are very happy that the creatives chose us to do the work, seeing how competitive the commercial visual effects market is now. We look forward to collaborating on future projects with all three of these clients."

From the creative standpoint, Packer noted how refreshing the three projects were. "It's fun to bounce between features and commercials to keep you creatively challenged. It's enjoyable and stimulating -- all at the same time."

Whodoo EFX (www.whodooefx.com) was established five years ago and comprises a pool of successful and award-winning professionals. Packer, Robert Skotak, Jay Roth and Ritcheson have garnered numerous awards, including Oscars and Clios. Their backgrounds include feature films, episodic TV, commercials and rock videos.