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WhirlGirl To Be Packaged As 26 TV Episodes

Visionary Media will offer 26 half-hour TV episodes of WHIRLGIRL, the Flash-animated Internet series, via Catherine Branscome of Branscome International. "WHIRLGIRL has been recreated for TV with more animation and greater frame rates than are seen online via FlashCast, a proprietary process developed in-house by Visionary," explained Visionary Media acting CEO Buzz Potamkin. "FlashCast is a potentially revolutionary development, as it permits animation produced for the Web to be enhanced to a broadcast TV standard without starting from scratch, while keeping the outstanding artistic quality for which we are known." Branscome said, "WHIRLGIRL really works for tweens, teens, and twenties. With FlashCast, WHIRLGIRL meets or exceeds broadcast technical standards worldwide." The story follows Kia Cross, a superheroine who reluctantly becomes the leader of the Helicons, a rebel movement fighting ZoneWerks, an evil, mediatech empire, which controls the virtual universe. In January 1999, WHIRLGIRL became the first independently-produced Webtoon to be licensed to a major network by joining Showtime Networks' Website,, where over 100 Webisodes can be seen. On February 26, 1999, the show heralded the convergence of TV and the Internet with the first-ever TV-Web simulcast of a regularly scheduled animated Webisodic by airing on Showtime and Branscome will sell WHIRLGIRL at MipTV, April 2 through April 6, 2001 in Cannes, France.

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