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Where's My Shorts? BANJA, EL MACHO & THE LEGEND OF COWPAT has launched episode 8. In this episode, the aims of the Patchouli family have now become quite clear: they have come to Itland to search for a treasure that would be buried in the seabed. Their quest is based on a holographic treasure map, a legacy of an ancestor. But the hologram machine is broken, and Wampa is asking for help to repair it. . . .Director Jorge Gutierrez' EL MACHO has launched on for Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment. The series was created, written and directed by Gutierrez. Roman Laney served as the lead artist. . . .The second act of Michael Hartup's THE LEGEND OF COWPAT has debuted on The series follows Cowpat the rabbit who spends most of his time looking for fairies, goblins and other pests. The final act in the stop-motion series is scheduled to launch later this fall.

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