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What's New In The Student Corner?

May means "Recruiting & Jobs" at Animation World Magazine. Check out

these special feature articles:

- Tom Sito, M.P.S.C. 839 President, Answers The Tough Questions

With all the hubbub recently in Los Angeles about artists being out

of work, runaway productions and the well attended PBS affiliate

station picket, Heather Kenyon sat down with Tom Sito to talk...

- Picketing In Front of PBS! Just Blame It On Canada?

Rick DeMott looks into the reasons why the Screen Cartoonists1 Union

of Los Angeles decided to picket in front of PBS affiliate, KCET...

- Pulling Yourself Together: The Professional Portfolio

Larry Lauria touches base with DreamWorks1 Frank Gladstone to learn

the latest on what studios expect to see in portfolios...

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