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Whamo & Burbank Animation Finish Canterville Ghost Special

Los Angeles-based Whamo Entertainment and Australia-based Burbank Animation Studios have announced the completion of their Halloween special, THE CANTERVILLE GHOST. The special is the tale of an American family that inherits an English castle, inhabited by the ghost of Simon de Canterville who tries to get rid of the family. The film is the sixth and last animated special from the Animated Classic Gold Collection 1. The other titles from the collection include EASTER IN BUNNYLAND, JOSEPH AND THE COAT OF MANY COLORS, ANNA & THE KING, SILENT NIGHT and D4: THE TROJAN DOG. "We are very excited to launch this one-hour special because it's a different kind of Halloween story, and we are confident that children will love it," said Fernando Szew, VP for marketing and sales. "It will bring loads of laughter and, at the same time, a lot of scary and suspenseful moments that will keep kids glued to the TV. And in the end, there will definitely be a lesson to be learned."

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