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Weta Digital To Rent Out Server Space

With the epic undertaking of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy behind them, Weta Digital is considering renting out several racks of IBM blade servers in partnership with Telecom, reports Telecom Advanced Solutions started hosting the hardware last winter after Weta ran out of room in the Miramar facility. The new servers were linked to Weta's main site using a 10 gigabit fibre-optic connection. Each blade server incorporates dual 2.8 gigahertz Intel Xeon processors and 6 gigabytes of memory. Telecom Advanced Solutions says that some companies have already contacted with interest, but negotiations with Weta have not been finalized.

Weta Digital is ranked within the top 50 high-performance computing sites in the world. It owns about 1,600 servers incorporating 3,200 processors in total, in addition to 500 workstations and 70 terabytes of online storage.

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