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Western Images Designs Complete Package For ShopNBC

Western Images has completed work on the new ShopNBC campaign. The design package includes an animated logo, 12 promos, 12 show opens, banners, billboards and lower thirds and a "toolbox" of elements for additional programming. The treatment features a montage of 3D objects, plus male and female models depicting moments from a range of lifestyle activities, which in turn provide the basis for the different shows on the network. To achieve an illustrative graphic look for the live-action, the models were filmed against green screen to separate them from the background. Each model, whose face and hands were painted with ultamatte blue make-up, wore blue leotards under their wardrobe. Each wardrobe item was selected based on a brilliant color palette that would be easily defined for matte making. The models also wore contrasting colored wigs to separate the hairline. The 3D objects were modeled and given an illustrative look in Maya to allow for them to blend seamlessly into the composition. The bottom half of the screen includes a clean window of white, which displays programming information, including the custom designed show logo, show times and the ShopNBC logo. "Borrowing from the vernacular of '60s design in textile patterns, fashion illustration, the furniture design forms of Herman Miller with hints and tones of the NBC peacock palette, we combined 3D illustrative icons with live-action models made to look graphic, set in a background composition of overlapping and intersecting circles," said designer/director Tuesday McGowan. Western's crew also included producer Kay Rough; Henry/flame* artists Scott Harris and Greg Gilmore; 3D animators Carl Kaphan, Greg Gladstone, Richie McBride and Tobin Jones; technical director Jerry Castro; TD/compositor/AfterEffects artist Josh Johnson; technical assistant/compositor Anna Bjeldanes; and editor Alan Chimenti.

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