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Western Images Creates "Twist"ed Effects For Nabisco Fun Fruits

Western Images recently created visual effects for "Twist," and "Wacky Faces," two Nabisco spots directed by Mark Dippe, of Pandemonium, for New Yorks FCB agency. Both spots first aired in May 2001. They feature twisted faces in a fun fruit frenzy that filled a cafeterias air with colorful CGI fruit bits. Dippe commented, "In 'Wacky Faces, we wanted to manipulate the idea of a Western style showdown - with one boy actually making faces while the other makes faces with fun fruit - and create lots of movement with his arms flying, but do it in a simplistic manner and yet make it look as realistic as possible. We used real-time photography to create a cloud of fun fruit and blurred the boy's hands without resorting to much blue screen stuff." Bob Roesler, Western Images' CGI artist, added, Obtaining the maximum performance was accomplished by combining the best plates from a number of different takes, mixing and matching arms and bodies until we finally pieced together the desired look."