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Welsh animation group launches newsletter

The Welsh Animation Group, an association of Welsh animators created to develop an international animated film festival in Wales, has published the first issue of their newsletter, WAG NEWSLETTER. This new group centered in Cardiff has emerged for a number of reasons. Siriols Robin Lyons first discussed, The need for a lobbying pressure group and, just as importantly a forum for animators, as stated in the publications editorial written by Dave Berry. Wales has quite a concentration of successful animators and companies who, with the birth of the Welsh Assembly ushering in a new political era, thought it was time to discuss the possibilities of a new animation festival. (The International Animation Festival in Cardiff is unfortunately no longer going to be held and last years Welsh International Film Festival did not feature many native, animated films.) The group will aid in growing the international presence of Wales as an animation nation, not only by working toward organizing another animation festival (either a re-launch or in conjunction with a current entity), but also by discussing animators needs with the government, helping with training schemes, etc. The newsletter and organization promises to grow into a useful resource. For more information on the publication or to become involved contact Dave Berry at Tel.: 01 222 333 308; Fax: 01 222 333 320; or e-mail:

The Wales Film and Television Archive also helped to inspire the creation of WAG. Read about the Archive in Dave Berrys A Welsh Transformation in the March 1999 issue of Animation World Magazine.

Irene Kotlarz discussed the state of animation festivals, including Cardiff, in the January 1999 issue of Animation World Magazine in "Animation Festivals: A Year of Proliferaton and Change".