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This week's Animation Trivia Quiz

Test your skills and challenge your brain with AWN's Animation Trivia Quiz:In which other Pixar short did the old character who repairs Woody in "ToyStory 2," first appear? The recent release of "Pokemon: The First Movie" isa slightly revamped version of which feature that opened in Japan in 1998?Warner Bros.' recent release "The Iron Giant" followed on the heels of aprevious box office failure. The name of this earlier medieval fable?"South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut" was created be Matt Stone and TreyParker. The animation itself, however is the prime responsibility of whichearly University of Colorado cohort? Which international animationfestival, which recently featured Alexander Petrov's large format film "TheOld Man and the Sea" and Barry Purves' puppet "Gilbert and Sullivan, theVery Models," is most known for its unusual format? Good'll needit!