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This Week, March 5, 2007, At AnimWatch

Updating things as time marches on...

Updating things as time marches on...It was more than time to update a few of the older film profiles. This is something I'll have to do in an ongoing basis, checking to make sure the film development webpages are still live, links still work and that projects listed as IN PROGRESS are correctly classified as one of three possibilities:

1. Still in progress

2. Lost in the World of the Forgotten Projects

3. Actually completed.

This week's updates are:- Theme Planet by Michael Sormann- Rustboy by Brian Taylor- BLUE by Christopher MullinsIn the case of BLUE, I've added a review. I had actually seen the film a long time ago, but had only left my original comments (which I wrote before the film had been completed) and had neglected to give my views on the film.

Work it, work it...We've added a new film profile to the AnimWatch filmlist:

Sugar Rushby Guillermo Careaga

At the AnimWatch BLOG, I posted my thoughts on the Oscars. Well, not so much the Oscars, but the coverage of the Oscars. Actually... uh, maybe it would be better if you read the thing yourself. Probably make more sense to you:

My Night with the Animated Nominees by Steve Ogden

And last but not least, at the AnimWatch FORUM, there has been discussion on the latest AnimWatch film profiles including Potapych and Sugar Rush, as well as Michel Gagne's Feature Article . We've also had a bit of a discussion on the differences between North American and European (especially French) animation schools. I'd actually like to see a lot more discussion on this subject, so please feel free to weigh in. And we've also had updates on Nigel Wood's film MY PARENTS ARE TRYING TO KILL ME and Sky F's SHOOT THE MOON.

We're up to 1200 members on the forum now, and it's growing nicely. Hope to see you there.

Well, that's about it for now. Until next time, stay animated!

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