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This Week At Animation World Magazine

Each week, Animation World Magazine offers new articles, special features and theme-based coverage of the art, craft and industry of animation. New this week:

Tom & Jerry: Produced in Prague

Not all Tom & Jerry cartoons were produced in Hollywood, U.S.A. Gene Deitch tells how a full dozen were made in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Sketching on Location: Using Photographs

Renowned drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu continues with his twelfth and final "sketching on location" teaching installment. This month we learn how to use photographs as a reference tool that will make your trip last for years.

Japan: A View From Inside Production I.G.

Justin Leach left the U.S. to experience animation production in Japan first hand. Taking a position at one of Japan's hottest studios he compares and contrasts two similar but very different worlds.