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This Week At Animation World Magazine

Each week, Animation World Magazine offers new articles, special features and theme-based coverage of the art, craft and industry of animation. New this week:

- Maya Training Solutions

Don't work in a studio or live next to a school but want to learn Maya? John Edgar Park offers a solution and reviews the best Maya training videotapes around.

- TV Review: "Tiny Planets"

Jerry Beck finds that "Tiny Planets" teaches big concepts to preschoolers in a completely charming way.

- Not The NATPE We Remember

NATPE 2002 was a breaking point for the event. Split into two different venues with a steep decline in attendance, some said it was the end...but others just shrugged and did their usual business. How bad is it? Adam Snyder reports.

- NATPE 2002 -- One Man's Opinion

Interactive content producer/creator Eric Oldrin relates his experiences from the trenches of NATPE 2002, where he came with the intention to sell and found that he was anything but alone.

- Defining a New Vocabulary for Voice Characterization

In the world of international voice dubbing, Jacques Barreau sees the need for a universal vocabulary that will help actors properly place their voices and attain the perfect voice that is needed for a job.

- TV Review: "Saddle Rash"

Jerry Beck reviews "Saddle Rash," another entry for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. This one may just ride quietly into the sunset...