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This Week At Animation World Magazine

Each week, Animation World Magazine offers new articles, special features and theme-based coverage of the art, craft and industry of animation. New this week:

- Force of Hobbit: Mythmaking at Weta

It is said that love is the mythology that two people create together. At Weta, Ltd., in New Zealand, it is love at first byte.

- Deitch on Pintoff

Gene Deitch recalls Ernie Pintoff and a character named Flebus from his Terrytoon days.

- Atomic Betty: Defending the Universe and Trying to Find a Home on TV

So you think selling a show is easy? Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman goes behind the scenes of Atomic Cartoons to see how much work and time goes into getting a show off the ground.

- Te Wei and Chinese Animation: Inseparable, Incomparable

John A. Lent and Xu Ying report their experiences from visiting China and speaking with one of China's leading artists -- animation-related or otherwise -- Te Wei, and discussing the nation's rocky past and quickly changing future.

- The Career Coach: Taxed to the Max

We may feel robbed when paying taxes to the government, but we tax ourselves much worse with some insidious habits. Pamela Kleibrink Thompson explains.