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This Week At Animation World Magazine

Each week, Animation World Magazine offers new articles, special features and theme-based coverage of the art, craft and industry of animation. New this week:

- Animation - What The Heck Is It?Gene Deitch tackles the shifting definition of animation in this excerpt from his book, How To Succeed In Animation, (Don't Let A Little Thing Like Failure Stop You!), published exclusively on

- Nine And A Half Questions with Aleksandra KorejwoWill Ryan asks Aleksandra Korejwo a few questions 9 1/2 to be exact about her unusual production technique.

- And The Winner Is...What if we'd been giving an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film since 1937? Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman gives us his predictions on the winners, the losers, the rivalries and the pageantry.

- Graphics Cards and the Quadro DCC ExplainedJohn Edgar Park not only delves into the history and purpose of graphics cards but also reviews nVidia's Quadro DCC, the latest in graphics cards.

- Nine And A Half Questions with Leslie CabargaMore than just a fount of Fleischer information, Leslie Cabarga reveals his many professions and talents when Will Ryan asks him slightly less than ten questions.