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WB TV To Send Richie Rich To College

Harvey Entertainment and Hartbreak Films are teaming up to develop a new live-action TV series for the WB based on the cartoon character Richie Rich. The show, however, will place a grown up Richie in college adapting to his new life as "the richest kid in the world" in a more normal environment. The project is a plan to strengthen WB's Friday night line-up, which currently is anchored by Hartbreak Films' SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH. This move adds another toon based live-action adaptation to the WB's fall 2001 line-up. The WB has already ordered 13-episodes of the Warner Bros. TV and Tollin-Robbins Productions-produced SMALLVILLE, which follows a teenage Clark Kent before he dons the red cape as Superman. Richie Rich started as a comic book character in the 1960s and was transformed into an animated series in 1986. Warner Bros. produced a live-action theatrical feature, starring Macaulay Culkin, in 1994 and a live-action direct-to-video, starring TV series 7TH HEAVEN's David Gallagher, in 1998.

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