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WB Transports Holiday Viewers to Oz and Whoville

The WB will bring viewers a few timeless holiday classics, including the exclusive broadcast network airing of the 1939 film, THE WIZARD OF OZ, on Dec. 19, 2004, from 7:30 to 10:00 pm for the third consecutive year.

THE WIZARD OF OZ, based on L. Frank Baums beloved family classic novel, follows Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland), who is swept away from her Kansas home and off to the magical land of Oz, located somewhere over the rainbow. She is befriended by a Scarecrow (Ray Bolger), a Tin Man (Jack Haley) and a Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr), who help her avoid the Wicked Witch of the West (Margaret Hamilton) as they travel down the yellow brick road to see the Wizard (Frank Morgan) whom they believe can help Dorothy return home.

Without the special effects, but no less magical, The WB will air DR. SEUSS: HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS at 8:00 pm on December 10. Also on the holiday family entertainment slate is GRANDMA GOT RUN OVER BY A REINDEER on December 9 at 8:00 pm and A SCOOBY-DOO CHRISTMAS on December 10 at 8:30 pm, with an encore presentation during The WBs Easy View lineup on December 12 at 5:30 pm.

Based on the hit song, GRANDMA GOT RUN OVER BY A REINDEER is a goofy and heartwarming adventure that features young Jake Spankenheimer on the quest of a lifetime to track down his missing Grandma on Christmas Eve and prove that Santa Claus is indeed real. Michele Lee (KNOTS LANDING) provides the voice of Jakes greedy Cousin Mel and recording artist Elmo Shropshire provides the narration, of the special produced by Phil Roman.

DR. SEUSS: HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, the beloved 1966 animated tale directed by Chuck Jones, was adapted from the childrens book by best-selling author Dr. Seuss. Seuss tells the classic holiday story about a mean and bitter old Grinch who dislikes holiday cheer so much that he decides to steal Christmas away from all the Whos in Whoville. Boris Karloff provides narration and the Grinchs voice.

A SCOOBY-DOO CHRISTMAS follows the Scooby Gang as they stumble upon the quaint town of Winter Hollow and discover that strangers are not welcome and Christmas is not even discussed due to a headless snowman that appears every Yuletide to destroy peoples houses and their holiday joy. The Scooby Gang spends a chilling Christmas Eve trying to solve the mystery of the snowman and return the spirit of Christmas back to Winter Hollow.