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WB’s Baby Blues Gets Second Season Pick-Up

The WB TV network has decided to pick-up its newest toon, BABY BLUES, for a second season. The channel has ordered 13 more episodes of the series, which debuted in late July. The toon has preformed well in a tough Friday time slot for the WB and is one of the highest rated comedies the network has ever had. BABY could serve as the WBs quick replacement series if any of its new live-action comedy series dont work out. BABY is based off the newspaper comic strip of the same name and features the voice talents of Mike O'Malley, Julia Sweeney and Nicole Sullivan. The show chronicles the everyday lives of a suburban couple, Darryl and Wanda MacPherson, and their highly energized baby daughter. This move by the WB marks some hope for primetime toons, which have suffered of late. BABYs new lease on life comes a few weeks after Fox announced that it had picked up FAMILY GUY for a third season. Many rumors had the primetime toon meeting a quick death like many of its brethren or possibly finding new shelter on another network.

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