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WB Home Ent. Gets Jump Start on Holiday Shopping with Toon DVDs

Warner Bros. Ent. over the past two months has been slowly rolling out animated DVD collections in anticipation for the holiday buying season. Superheroes figure prominently in recent releases including new DVDs for JUSTICE LEAGUE, BATMAN BEYOND, THE BATMAN, TEEN TITANS and KRYPTO. For the younger viewers, Warner has released HARRY AND HIS BUCKET FULL OF DINOSAURS.

The first season of JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED will probably figure on many a fans wish list. . In the release, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Jonn Jonzz are joined by new members: Green Arrow, Supergirl and Captain Atom. Together they try to keep the world safe from villains like Lex Luthor and Cadmus. Yet, their powers might not be awesome enough to stop the conspiracy growing against them. Picking up from the JUSTICE LEAGUE series, the team must clear their name and fight the ill-doing looming in the government. This four-disc set contains 26 episodes.

DVD extras include:* And Justice For All Featurette with all the collaborators behind JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED discussing the revamping of the show, new characters and a new direction. * This Little Piggy - Audio commentary from Producer Bruce Timm, Writer Paul Dini, Producer Dwayne McDuffie and Producer James Tucker* The Return Audio Commentary from Producer Bruce Timm, Director Joaquim Dos Santos, Producer Dwayne McDuffie and Producer James Tucker* Themes of Justice An interactive featurette where you the fan choose from a list of music only theme music with an intro by Bruce Timm

Fans will be able to go back for seconds with new volumes of BATMAN BEYOND, THE BATMAN, TEEN TITANS and KRYPTO. BATMAN BEYOND: SEASON 2 features Terry McGinnes, the impetuous teenager who doubles as the crime-fighting Batman. Still a newcomer to the scene, Terry lacks his mentors experience and doubts his fighting abilities. Taking down criminals like The Jokerz, Shriek and Curare, helps build Terrys confidence and makes him accept his role as Gotham Citys newest guardian. This four-disc set contains 26 episodes.

DVD extras include:* Inside Batman Beyond: The Panel Batman Beyond Season 2 Panel Discussion continues with Producers Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Glen Murakami, Paul Dini and moderator Jason Hillhouse* Splicers Commentary Producer Bruce Timm, Director Curt Geda and Producer Glen Murakami * Eggbaby Commentary Producer Bruce Timm, Director James Tucker and Producer Glen Maurakami

WHV has also released the Emmy-winning animated series, THE BATMAN: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON. In this second season, Batman will fight against the most complex foe of all, the Riddler. Only Batman can stump this evil genius and the likes of the Joker, Mr. Freeze and Penguin. From his battles, Batman forms an unlikely alliance with police detective, Jim Gordon who is devoted to making Gotham City safe again. This two-disc collectors set contains 13 episodes and bonus features including Catching up With The Batman: Inside Season 2.

Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and the newest teen superhero, Terra will team to save earth in TEEN TITANS: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON. SEASON 2 follows the Titans as they befriend Terra, a free-spirited teenager with incredible earth-manipulating powers and a knack for fighting crime. However, trusting this newcomer could prove to be a fatal mistake for the Teen Titans when their arch nemesis Slade tries to win her loyalty. Terras volatile powers and personal vulnerability makes her the perfect target for his twisted plans. This two-disc collectors set contains 13 episodes and bonus features including Catching Up with Teen Titans.

KRYPTO THE SUPERDOG VOLUME 2 is a five-episode compilation, selling for $14.97. Krypto is a Superdog from Planet Krypton, who comes to earth after traveling across the galaxies as a test pilot puppy aboard a malfunctioning rocket ship built by Supermans father. Years later when the rocket finally reaches Earth, Krypto is a full-grown dog. With no family, he finds a new friend in a young boy named Kevin Whitney who soon realizes that Krypto has super powers. With the help of Kevin, Ace the Bathound (Batmans Caped Canine), Streaky the neighbors cat and the Super Pets in the Dog Star Patrol, Krypto responds to the call of duty and embarks on an adventure to save those in need.

Also for the younger fans, WHV has released HARRY AND HIS BUCKET FULL OF DINOSAURS VOLUME 1, selling for $14.97. Based on the bestselling books, HARRY AND HIS BUCKET FULL OF DINOSAURS travels into five-year-old Harrys imagination where his toy dinosaurs are as real to him as the bucket he carries them in. By jumping into his bucket, Harry transports himself to Dino World where his six dinosaurs come to life and where just about anything can happen. Geared toward preschoolers, Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs shows humorous ways for children to face every day challenges with imagination and optimism.

The DVD features five 11-minute episodes of the animated Cartoon Network TV series, including Aaaggghh!, Goal!, Overdue!, Uh Oh! and Nobodys Listening to Me! In every episode, Harry explores some of lifes issues, including learning good manners, being careful, helping others and more.

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