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WB Dumps Baby Blues 2nd Season

The WB Network has decided not to air the second season of its animated primetime series BABY BLUES. The series was a summer replacement last year and was scheduled for a 13-episode second run. In addition, six-episodes of the series were left over from the first season, leaving 19 un-aired episodes that cost US$15 million to produce. Executives decided to dump the toon due to its already packed fall schedule, which includes 5 new live-action comedies and no animation. The network will write off the series through an accounting rule in relation to its parent Time Warner's merger with AOL. The WB will claim that BABY no longer fits into the network's long-term strategic plans. The show was based on the cartoon strip by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott and followed a concerned married couple (voiced by Mike O'Malley and Julia Sweeney), their young children and crazy neighbors. "It was a very difficult decision to make," said WB entertainment president Jordan Levin. "But from a business and scheduling standpoint, it becomes very difficult to program animation when it doesn't have the potential to break out like THE SIMPSONS."

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