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Watchmen: Justice is Coming Game to Launch on iPhone, iPod Touch

WATCHMEN: JUSTICE IS COMING, an online multiplayer game for the iPhone and iPod Touch based on the upcoming film WATCHMEN, will hit iTunes soon from Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

WATCHMEN: JUSTICE IS COMING is a multiplayer online adventure fighting game developed by Last Legion Games exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game will use "cloudMMO," Last Legion's patent pending cloud based multiplayer technology that leverages Web Services allowing players to adventure through the incredible world of WATCHMEN. Players will experience an ever-changing gaming environment, chat with other players and participate in street battles.

In WATCHMEN: JUSTICE IS COMING, players bring their own unique form of justice to New York City in the 1970s before the film's central story unfolds. Masked adventuring has been outlawed. During this critical time period, crime is rampant and average citizens must take matters into their own hands to survive. Players create their personal avatar and enter the rain-soaked city of Manhattan. The dark metropolitan world is a vast network of interlocking and overlapping spaces that include: the seedy and saturated neon Red Light District; a rundown Financial District and its dark waterfront; the downtown back-alleys of Lower Manhattan; a wide open City Park; and more.

An original story inspired by director Zack Snyder's big screen version of WATCHMEN, which is based on the graphic novel illustrated and co-created by Dave Gibbons, WATCHMEN: JUSTICE IS COMING leads players on an immersive adventure inside the depths of the WATCHMEN universe. Average citizens evolve into fully equipped costumed avengers by completing unique challenges, exploring the universe and battling enemies.

WATCHMEN fans can visit for updates on the game and to read Last Legion's blog.